Every successful deal starts with a strong relationship, and we hold this as one of our core tenets. Whether it is with a broker, tenant, consultant, lender or contractor, we strive to foster and solidify a strong working relationship to ensure everyone’s success. A solid working relationship allows each project‘s stakeholders to communicate their positions clearly, which ultimately leads to a successful development for every party involved. Our investments in relationships is just as important as our investments in the real estate.

Market analysis

Our team will put in the effort to analyze the market upfront and present a client a viable rollout plan that achieves their goals. This analysis includes evaluation of market demographics, traffic counts, retail trade areas, local market knowledge and land comparables. It’s critical to sift through all the market data to create a decisive market plan.

Bad real estate is tough to overcome, and our tenants’ goals come first. We put in the time and effort to meticulously secure the best sites for our tenants. This includes prioritizing trips to new and existing markets to understand the local dynamics. After the market analysis is completed and a site is identified, securing the site may present some challenges that are hard to navigate. Contract negotiations, property restrictions, land assemblages, and possible competing offers all present their own challenges that we are well equipped to overcome. Real estate is not fixable; it needs to be selected correctly the first time!

Navigating the rules and politics of local municipalities can be difficult. We have a dedicated development team that focuses entirely on coordinating the various recommendations and entitlement requirements among consultants, architects, engineers, city and county staff, and most importantly the tenant. The design and entitlement phase of the project sets the tone and helps build momentum for a successful project. You can count on our knowledge and experience to help you and your project get started on the right foot.

Managing a land purchase contract to keep a deal on schedule requires real expertise as the project timeline and requirements are in constant flux. We have our own in-house legal and development teams that think critically and creatively to not only develop solutions to problems, but to also help coordinate the required actions between the land acquisition and the entitlement process to keep a project on time and on budget. Even with the best management there may be several points when financial risks must be taken, and we will be there to take on those risks.

Construction is very nuanced and must be handled tactfully. Our development team is uniquely skilled in not only managing project personnel successfully, but also managing all other project details — from the initial design to the first shovel in the ground to the turn-key delivery of a new business. We pull out all the stops to get the project completed on time and on budget.

We fund 100% of the real estate and construction costs with flexible and creative deal structures. We have created the most efficient capital structure in the industry allowing us to deliver the most cost-effective solutions for our tenants. Our business model is to hold our developments for the long-term, which provides our tenants with consistent and professional landlord experience and support.

Net Lease Properties finance services


Building upon the foundation of strong relationships, we acquire deals through brokers, both on and off the market. Targeted deal candidates include all restaurant formats, necessity retail where real estate quality drives value, automotive retail and services, single-tenant grocery, and convenience stores with and without fuel. Our flexibility and creativity allow us to execute on individual deals as small as $500k or portfolios as large as $100 million. In every transaction, we protect the brokers that provide us the opportunities without taking any fees.

Net Least Properties broker driven acquisitions servicees

Whether a tenant wants to raise capital through a simultaneous close on the real estate with a purchase of the business or wants to take money off the table by selling some existing assets, we are there to work with tenants on creating a tailored deal structure that works long-term for their business plan.

Remodels can be expensive and complicated. To help tenants with their desired remodels, we help provide an array of different solutions ranging from providing up front capital, managing and overseeing the construction, or even acquiring the property and leasing it back to the tenant. We always find the best solution for our tenants with timing and budget in mind.

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